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As Marrakech prepares to host the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings, we are on a quest to make sure Africa’s voices are not just heard but also act as a catalyst for global change. This is a journey of African empowerment and global solutions. Our guiding theme is the Voice of Africa, a principle that UM6P fervently endorses. We will probe into essential topics like food security, sustainable growth, digital frontiers, and the transformative role of the African diaspora.

UM6P is proud to organize the side events as part of the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings. These side events are not mere dialogues; they are platforms for Africa’s voices to inspire and enact change. Our focus areas include:

Food Security, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship: UM6P is at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, fostering entrepreneurial minds to spearhead eco-conscious farming initiatives.

Creative Industries in Africa: Through our School of Collective Intelligence and the 1337 computer training school, the university aims to be a beacon for creativity, illuminating Africa’s hidden talents.

African Diaspora & Innovation: Our mentorship initiatives and global partnerships are proof of our commitment to nurturing a global mindset while crafting solutions that are uniquely African.

The University Mohammed VI Polytechnic is not merely a place of learning; it’s a force for transformation. We are rooted in the conviction that for Africa to prosper, its solutions must be indigenous, steeped in local insights, and driven by local creativity. Our focus on applied research and innovation is unwavering and targets areas crucial for Africa’s rise.

As we reach on the Road to Marrakech, we invite you to join us in this endeavor to listen, understand, and act. This is not just an event series; it’s a movement toward a brighter, more inclusive, and prosperous Africa. Let’s co-create the blueprint for Africa’s renaissance.


Travel the road with UM6P

Unfolding Marrakech:

The road already traveled

July 2022

27/07 : Official visit of the Vice-President of the World Bank Group to UM6P

September 2022

22/09 : Signing ceremony of partnership agreements between MEF and UM5 of Rabat, UCA, AUI, UIR, UM6P

February 2023

21/02 : The World Bank organized a seminar on “Gender Equality” at UM6P

February 2023

28/02: A Delegation from the International Finance Corporation – World Bank Group paid a visit to UM6P

April 2023

12/04 : IFC and OCP Group Partner to Build Solar Plants, Green Fertilizer Production in Morocco

May 2023

17/05 : UM6P and the World Bank signed an MoU to Enhance Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration in Infrastructure Sectors

June 2023

22/06 : UM6P participated at the Summit for a New Financing Pact in Paris

Journey Insights: Your FAQ Guide to the Road to Marrakech

Demystifying the Journey – Your Most Burning Questions Answered

The ‘Road to Marrakech’ is a transformative journey designed to explore and address African development challenges. The project is a collaboration with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and emphasizes creative industries, food security, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and the power of the African diaspora.

Interested participants can register for the UM6P Side events via the participation form available on the ‘Road to Marrakech’ website. Regular updates and information regarding these events are also posted on the site.

The ‘Voice of Africa’ in this context represents the unique perspectives, potential, and creative energy found within African communities. The project aims to amplify this voice by focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability within the African continent.

United for Impact: The Collaborators Championing the Road to Marrakech Journey

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